Streamlined Form I-9: Simplifying Onboarding for Employers

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service has introduced a revised Form I-9, which employers are expected to adopt the simplified version starting from August 1. While there’s a grace period until October before penalties come into effect, understanding the implications of this I-9 update for your onboarding process is crucial. The earlier you make the transition, the lower the risk of facing penalties down the line.

Who Requires Form I-9?

Form I-9 is a mandatory requirement for all newly hired employees, regardless of their citizenship status. As this impacts the onboarding of all new hires, ensuring the correct form is used is of utmost importance. This form is completed at the time of hire to verify that new employees are either U.S. citizens or legally authorized to work in the United States as noncitizens.

Why Did the I-9 Regulation Change?

The shift in I-9 regulations was prompted by the changing landscape of work, especially during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. With the prevalence of remote work, employees needed a more straightforward way to confirm their employability without having to physically visit the office. While E-Verify has been an option, the new rules offer a more streamlined solution, enabling employers to conduct electronic verifications when necessary or preferred.

What Does the New Form I-9 Include?

The new Form I-9’s first section collects an employee’s identifying details and includes a self-assessment of their citizenship or eligibility to work in the United States. This section also encompasses Supplement A, which employees must use if they enlisted the assistance of translators or preparers while completing the form.

Implications for Employers

Employers have until October 31, 2023, to implement the updated Form I-9. Making the transition sooner rather than later is advisable to maintain compliance. Furthermore, the updated form simplifies the process of conducting remote document reviews, which is particularly beneficial for companies frequently hiring remote employees.

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