Discover 24 Amazing Small Business Grants to Apply for in 2023

Hey there, entrepreneurs! Are you looking for a financial boost to kick start or grow your business? 

Small business grants might be just what you need, and the best part is they don’t require repayment like loans do. In this blog post, we’re diving into 24 fantastic small business grants you should consider applying for in 2023. Let’s get started!

1. Federal Small Business Grants – Opportunities from Uncle Sam:

Although the federal government doesn’t hand out general small business grants, it does offer targeted grants for businesses in specific industries or serving particular communities. Check out these exciting examples:

  • Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program: This program supports small businesses conducting innovative research with the potential for commercialization.
  • Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Program: This initiative encourages partnerships between small businesses and research institutions to develop cutting-edge technologies.
  • Rural Business Development Grants: These grants help rural businesses grow and create jobs in their communities.
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Grants: NIST offers funding for businesses developing advanced technologies in areas like cybersecurity, manufacturing, and public safety.

2. State and Local Small Business Grants – Boosting Local Economies:

Your state or local government might have small business grants designed to encourage economic growth and job creation. Here are a few examples:

  • California Small Business COVID-19 Relief Grant Program: This program assists California-based small businesses impacted by the pandemic.
  • New York Empire State Development Grants: These grants support a variety of projects, from infrastructure improvements to workforce development in New York.
  • Texas Small Business Grants: Texas offers numerous grants for small businesses in different industries, like agriculture and aerospace.

Don’t forget to explore grant opportunities in your specific state or city!

3. Corporate Small Business Grants – Big Companies Supporting Small Dreams:

Many corporations offer grants to support small businesses as part of their corporate social responsibility initiatives or to foster innovation in their industry. Some big names include:

  • FedEx Small Business Grant Contest: FedEx awards grants to innovative small businesses that show potential for growth.
  • Visa Everywhere Initiative: This global innovation program seeks startups with groundbreaking ideas to reshape the payments landscape.
  • Comcast RISE Investment Fund: Comcast supports small businesses owned by people of color with grants and marketing resources.

4. Nonprofit and Community Small Business Grants – Empowering Entrepreneurs with a Cause:

Many nonprofit organizations and community foundations provide grants to small businesses, often focusing on specific industries, demographics, or social causes. Take a look at these examples:

  • Amber Grant Foundation: This foundation awards monthly grants to women entrepreneurs with inspiring stories and innovative ideas.
  • Cartier Women’s Initiative: This global program supports women entrepreneurs with grants, networking opportunities, and mentorship.
  • National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE) Growth Grants
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